In: Yanoff M, Diker J, Eds.

Dec 21, 2016

Fluids,.ats.nd proteins leak out of the abnormal blood vessels. Frequently, retinopathy is an ocular manifestation of systemic disease as seen in diabetes or hypertension . 1 Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness in working-aged people. 2 Retinopathy of prematurity due to prematurity of the newborn under the 9 months of human pregnancy. The national diabetic retina screening programme for diabetic retinopathy Diabetic RetinaScreen has been rolled out nationwide for everyone over the age of 12 who is affected by diabetes in Ireland. In: Yanoff M, diker J, eds. Drops may be applied to the eye to reduce inflammation and the risk of infection. More advanced disease may require treatment. Radiation retinopathy due to exposure to ionizing radiation. This pressure can damage the nerve that carries images from your eye to your brain optic nerve. Women with diabetes who become pregnant should have a comprehensive dilated eye exam as soon as possible. It may also be used to repair retinal detachment .

In more advanced stages, the retina can become detached, causing blindness. This is called non proliferative retinopathy. Patients taking thioridazine may notice a decrease in vision or colon vision. Several factors influence whether you get retinopathy: how long you have had diabetes The longer you've had diabetes, the more likely you are to have retinopathy.